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What We Do & Why We Do It

Building better resumes to build better connections.

Even in today’s modern society, the job application process is beyond dull. Give companies a more detailed look at why you are right for hire, and get updates on when—and who—is looking at your profile.

Our resume maker can provide employers with better and more efficient employees by understanding their capabilities and skills from the start; and it can provides applicants with a job that’s a great fit for their talents and aspirations.


Our Mission & Our Story

Set yourself apart. Get hired.

That’s Top Applicant’s primary goal and responsibility to job candidates everywhere. Top Applicant was founded in St. Joseph, Missouri in 2018. Our purpose was, and remains today, to revolutionize the job application process and give companies a true look at their applicants, rather just a resume.



Our Top Applicant team is dedicated to you, personally.

We take pride in opening doors for the public, linking businesses with the most efficient workers, and giving applicants a better home.

Each person on our team has experienced the same struggles and questions throughout the job application process. We can relate to the frustration of finding the right job, and are eager to give you all the tools to help you obtain the career you want.



Build your portfolio by utilizing the photo gallery, uploading your resume, attachments, and inscribing information on your page to reveal yourself to the world.

Resume + Cover Letters

Create tailored resumes and/or cover letters for each employer or application

Videos + portfolio capabilities

Illustrate your talents with multimedia assets directly on your online resume

Analytics + reporting

Become the master of your reputation using analytical information about your resume's performance

Personal resume tracking

Manage your journey to a better career by understanding when to follow up, and with whom

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