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Online Resume Tool

A New Way to Apply.

Open up the door to new beginnings and the revolutionized job application process. Top Applicant’s online resume tool allows you to show your personal interests, credentials, particular skill sets, and even data on who views your resume.


Resume + cover letters

Create tailored resumes and/or cover letters for each employer or application

Videos + portfolio capabilities

Illustrate your talents with multimedia assets displayed alongside your online resume

Analytics + reporting

Become the master of your reputation using analytical information about your resume's performance

Personal resume tracking

Manage your journey to a better career by understanding when to follow up, and with whom

Resume + Cover Letters

Show off your experience.

Your resume is more than a list of your achievements. It’s your story.

Bring it to life with a beautiful, sleek design that’s easy to access and even easier to digest. And a cover letter is even more important. This is where you put a personality to the skillset and speak directly to your potential employer. We make it easy to add multiple cover letters for you to tailor your message to each application.

Video + Portfolio Capabilities

A new level of interactivity.

You work hard to put your best foot forward in your craft.

But a paper resume doesn’t always allow you the flexibility you need to truly show off your capacity as a content creator. Get yourself noticed and impress potential employers with Top Applicant’s video content and portfolio capabilities. By building an online resume AND portfolio, you open yourself up as an applicant to a wider variety of opportunities.

Analytics & Reporting

More than peace of mind.

Feel like your applications are being sent into a void?

Sending a resume to an employer or submitting an online application can sometimes feel like you’re sending your information off into a black hole. Have they even started looking at applications? Have they looked at yours? Empower yourself to know how many views your resume has received, and from which locations.

Personal Resume Tracking

Time is money.

And applicants are busy people.

While some of the lucky ones get to dedicate their whole time and energy to applying for new jobs, that usually isn’t the case. Life gets crazy pretty fast—and finding a new job amongst the chaos can be difficult. Top Applicant offers an online tool that not only helps you stand out, but also to manage your time appropriately by offering an organizational platform that works for you.

Build your resume.

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