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Your parents probably submitted a paper resume and cover letter for their first job. But times have changed.

Why just be part of the stack of resumes, when you can stand out for free? You’ve got a phone, you’ve got the dream, let Top Applicant help you make an impression with a free video portfolio!

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Powerful, Professional, Video

  • If you've got a smartphone, you've got a camera! Put it to good use by taking a short video of yourself to add to your resume. Start by taking a video following these great tips (add link to forbes article, or write our own).

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  • After you record the perfect introduction, upload it to Youtube or Vimeo! Your free video portfolio with Top Applicant will link directly to your channel. If you're unsure how to upload a video to these platforms, just follow these steps from Youtube, and Vimeo.

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  • All you need to put your free video portfolio on your resume with Top Applicant is a link! Just copy the URL from your browser and paste it into the box. If you have multiple videos, you're always welcome to add more!

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Why Visuals Matter

Visuals are worth a thousand words.

Sure you could just submit a paper resume and hope for the best. But at Top Applicant, we believe in giving people every tool they need to land the job of their dreams. With our free video portfolio and the rest of the features on our platform, we make it easy for you to be the top choice in any group of applicants.

There are so many things your resume with Top Applicant should say. With a free video portfolio, you can share what makes you truly special by taking your words beyond the page. Videos and portfolios are also a great opportunity to answer any pre-screening questions from potential employers.

Put Your Portfolio Together

  • Make a Title Image

    Who said that photographers are the only ones who need a portfolio? Proud of a spreadsheet? Upload a picture! Did you help build something? Let’s see it! If you’re proud of it, have a picture to show it off, and feel it will help your job search, start by giving your portfolio a title.

  • Upload an Image Image

    Your math teachers in school were right. People are going to want to see your work! Upload a .jpg, or .png file to your portfolio to show future employers what you’ve got!

  • Give Some Context Image

    Now that your portfolio is starting to come together, it’s time to add some fine details. Add a concise title, and a short caption to let employers know what they’re looking at and how it shows your skills. Want to add more pictures and projects? Add any additional pictures or create a separate portfolio with just a click!

Get Noticed, Get Hired

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