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Gone are the days of classified ads and tedious interview processes. We’re changing the way you’ll use a job posting site with modern touches to streamline posting, track applicants, and attract the best people for your position.

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Modern Listings, Qualified Leads

  • Every job listing site includes the basics. So that's where you'll start! To post your job, you'll need to go through the standard steps to include important details. Your listing will match your job to potential applicants with fields such as industry, level, salary range, and location.

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  • One of the biggest factors that sets Top Applicant apart from other job posting sites is video integration. Add a video to your listing to include details about the job, your company, or pre-interview questions you'd like candidates to answer with their application.

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  • To further streamline the hiring process, our job posting site does the hard work for you. Add written pre-interview questions to field applicants quicker. When your job gets an application, make sure to include an automated next steps email to keep applicants informed.

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  • Bring your job posting to the top of our job posting site with a sponsored listing. Every employer can create a free job listing. But to hire even quicker, and get the best candidates matched for you, upgrade your plan to a paid listing.

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Job Posting Made Easy

Our Mission To Drive Success

At Top Applicant, we’re driven to improve every aspect of the hiring process for employers and applicants. With so many job posting sites out there, it may seem impossible to stand out. We focus on connecting people, not profiles. So our platform provides a comprehensive way to see what’s important to businesses and candidates.

To connect employers to future employees, our job posting site takes every detail into consideration. This is how our matchmaker makes finding the right candidate quick and easy. By providing basic details and including more in-depth options for your job listing such as videos and pre-screening questions, you can streamline interviews, onboard faster, and save money.

Your Company on Top Applicant

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    Every company on our platform has a profile. This is essentially your business’s storefront for applicants. Your profile will let candidates know the basics with details, an intro, and contact info. But to connect with candidates even deeper, include social media links, an intro video, and your company’s top 3 values.

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    We drive success by providing detailed data. To track your listing, our job posting site integrates into 4 easy to understand modules. Job Views lets you know how many new and repeat views your post is getting. Locations helps you understand where your candidates are coming from. Overview shows the total views over time. New applicants helps to see who is applying to your job and get a glimpse into your applicant database.

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    My Jobs is a powerful tool for analytics and adding new job listings. This is an integral part of our job posting site because it provides an easy way to add listings and track progress across each listing. Conversions give insight into the strength of your listing. Activity shows you how many applicants are interested. Action allows you to sift through a curated applicant pool in one click.

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