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Track, Talk, Hire

Top Applicant makes it easy for companies to communicate with candidates throughout the hiring process. With our advanced applicant tracking system and convenient communication options, we take the headaches out of hiring the best candidates.

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 Qualified Candidates On Tap

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    Our comprehensive candidate list makes finding the right fit a snap. To see all the people interested in your position, our applicant tracking system matches your job details with their preferences to grade their potential fit from low, medium, and high.

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    If you’ve found the perfect candidate, but they haven’t applied yet, you can still snag them! Our applicant tracking system helps employers find the right people before they even apply. Send them an invitation to apply in just a couple clicks, and get the conversation started!

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    On your job listing, you’re able to sift through applications quickly and easily. There you’ll find a list of recent applicants and when they applied. Our applicant tracking system also includes details and match quality to find the right fit. Employers are also able to send next steps and save their favorite applicants.

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    In the hustle of your day to day, staying on top of hiring can be hard. That’s why our applicant tracking system makes it easy to stay on top of new applications. On your dashboard, you’ll find a list of the most recent applications for you to review. Take a quick peek, by viewing their application and resume directly from your dashboard.

Constructive Connections

Connecting You to the Right Candidates

The cornerstone of Top Applicant is connectivity. We set out to bring job listings into the 21st century. So while your job post will still have the same details, description and salary range you can expect, our platform includes options you won’t find anywhere else.

In addition to a revolutionary applicant tracking system, we built in a way to truly connect with potential candidates. With video connectivity, potential employees can introduce themselves to show you what they’ve got before the first interview. We also include options for employers to introduce themselves with video and pre-interview questions.

Communicate Like Never Before

  • It's never been more important to put yourself in front of a camera. A recent study determined that over 93% of communication is nonverbal in nature. So to ensure effective communication between candidates and employers, we integrate video links into applications as well as company and candidate profiles.

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  • If your company isn't on social media, it might as well be living under a rock. Get social with future and current candidates by linking your social media in your company profile. Our applicant tracking system also makes it easy to review applicants' social media channels directly from their profiles.

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  • To contact your top applicants quickly, our platform makes it easy. After you create a next steps email, find the applicants in the job listing. Then just click send next steps to get the ball rolling! To let candidates contact you, include your preferred information in your company profile.

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Get Connected With Top Candidates

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