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    Before you land that dream job, you’ll let them know the basics about yourself. Our free resume creator not only allows you to put in contact details. We also give you an opportunity to write a few paragraphs describing your professional journey.

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    Unlike most tools, Top Applicant allows job seekers to share what they want out of their next career move. In our free resume creator, you can share your desired job details such as industry, level, salary requirements and more!

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    The companies that hire from Top Applicant can see your resume even if you haven’t applied for a position from them. Adding your work experience, education, and any certifications not only shows you mean business, but it may also get you an opportunity you didn’t even know about! These opportunities are what sets our free resume creator apart.

Putting Yourself Out There

Make the right impression.

Top Applicant is blazing a new path forward for applicants from all walks of life. Our free resume creator is designed to help everyone look professional, put together, and personable. We carefully designed every aspect of this tool in order to bring a new dimension to every impression.

We didn’t just redesign the free resume creator, we created a revolutionary way for employers to interact with future employees. Our mission is to give our users the edge they need. And that’s just what our applicants do with modern tools included in the free resume creator.

Modern Resume Tools

  • Oftentimes, hiring managers will ask for a portfolio if your career comes with a body of work. Instead of having to submit a separate file with every application, our free resume creator makes it easy to put together a professional portfolio right on your resume!

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  • One of the biggest advancement our uses enjoy is the video capabilities of Top Applicant. With our free resume creator, you can upload videos to put a more personal spin on your applications. Just link videos from Youtube and Vimeo, and let your future employer know more about yourself with a quick video!

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  • Over 70% of all employers check social media accounts. So Top Applicant makes linking your preferred social media channels easy. By including your preferred social links in our free resume creator, employers can easily conduct these screenings. This helps our applicants become top applicants quicker and easier.

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